Comparison of Agile Methodologies

Besides the most famous agile methodologies Extreme programming and Scrum; there is a wide variety of methodologies that adopt agile processes. This chapter gives a list of other agile methodologies and a brief review of the main difference between them.
Comparison is based on the following characteristics:

  1. Development approach
  2. Recommended iteration time period
  3. Project team
  4. Team communication
  5. Project size
  6. Customer involvement
  7. Project documentation
  8. Specialties
  9. Advantages
  10. Disadvantages

Compared methodologies with concurrent acronyms:

  1. Extreme programming – XP
  2. Scrum
  3. Dynamic Systems Development Method – DSDM
  4. Feature driven development – FDD
  5. Adaptive Software development – ASD
  6. Crystal family methods – Crystal

Table 1 Comparison of Agile Methodologies


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